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19Power UK supply Server cabinets, patch cabinets and all necessary networking accessories.

A 19 inch server cabinet, 19 inch server rack or 19 inch wall cabinet is a standardized storage system for Server equipment and Network products which include; Servers, Network Switches, Home Entertainment Systems, AV, Patch Panels, CCTV, Solar Systems, Telco and data systems.

Which server/network cabinet best suits your needs? Server cabinet is known under different names, including server rack, serial cabinet, 19 inch rack enclosures, network rack, network cabinet, patch cabinet, wall cabinet and network equipment enclosures. Regardless of the name, the server cabinet is a necessary part of the success of any network and server installations, because Server rack completes the platform.

Here are six tips for choosing the perfect Server/Network cabinet:

  1. Consider the space available to locate the cabinet (Height , length and width). This will determine the external dimensions of your cabinet.
  2. Consider the number of equipment and the sizes that you want to place inside the cabinet ?
  3. Make sure the internal dimensions of the cabinet match that of your equipment.
  4. Consider the heat generation of your equipment and cooling requirements.
  5. Consider the types of cabinet.
  6. Consider future requirements and expansion
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